giovedì 4 marzo 2010

Freeride Paradise!

Oh, It has been so a stunning experience!

I skied in a freeride 'track' named The Eagles' Channel at an height of about 3000 meters: when I got in there was a sign where there was written -Caution! You are entering in a high mountain place-.

This channel is really steep and narrow, nearby the rocks; I didn't feel frightened because my super safe Dad was with me.

If you want to ski in, just go to Gressoney or Alagna Valsesia, in Italy.



mercoledì 3 marzo 2010


Why Balmain stuff leave me with no words on my red mouth?
Why that shoulders are so fascinating in front of my big hazel eyes?
Balmain makes me want to scream! It rules!
Let's watch some of my favourites:

J'adore printed tees

Well, as you know (I know you can't know, but It was a so lovely word game, You know!), I really love printed tees since..well...since..I was born: NO QUESTIONS!

But now I'm really crazy about them!

Take a look on or , they sell just amazing tees!

kiss, Orchid

I also put a tiny pic of Coco Rocha, my favourite model, people say I just look like her!

mercoledì 30 dicembre 2009

Ruth Cross+ Mittens

Hope you had a great Christmas!
...about Twilight
Lovely movie, isn't it?
Lots of girls and guys are crazy about it...and plenty of them have a hawk eye!!
In a scene, in fact, Bella Swan is wearing a pair of gorgeous, knitted mittens!
Where to buy?
On Ruth Cross+, an English laboratory that makes a lot of woollen items, from hats to jewels!
Take a peep, here's the link:



domenica 6 dicembre 2009

Les Exclusifs-Chanel

Chanel...the dream of every woman!
Right now the brand has launched a line of twelve rare fragrances, "Les Exlusifs":
Each one a timeless and interesting story to tell, obviously with the typical class of madmoiselle Coco Chanel.



venerdì 4 dicembre 2009

I'm new here!

Hey! What's up?
I'm Orchid, and my blog is new here.
Well, I want to show to the world my style, so let's start to define myself.
I'm really particular...I'm a bit bohemian but I love classical things, too.
What I love:
Jeans, hats (addicted), maxi-cardigans, 60's and 70's for the psychedelic prints and 80's for the shoulders
(like Balmain), ELLE magazine and skiing.
What I hate:
Unpolite people, sadness and dirty things.

Hope I was clear!